Time for a cleanse.

Not your typical no wheat, no sugar, no meat cleanse.

This time, it’s a negativity cleanse.

How did I even begin?

#1 – Awareness

I noticed how negative and fearful thoughts were coming forward in certain moments.

Someone would call me – I would assume the worst. I was going to this negative place automatically.

Why was this happening?

Perhaps I’m picking up on the collective experience – there are so many things to be sad about and this seems to proliferate everyday.

My mind was looking for something to be fearful of.

It’s a pattern that has been with me, my parents typically lean toward the negative – someone did something “wrong” or “bad” to them.

What I do know is that me having the awareness of this pattern means that it’s ready to be healed.

The shift from unconscious to conscious is huge and telling and when this happens, it’s time to get to work!

And work I did.


#2-Take a New Action

I began by first noticing when a negative pattern would come forward.

I would replace that thought with love.

This is an easy way to begin as it requires very little thought.

“Thanks negative thoughts, I now replace you with love.” I would say this to myself.

I felt a shift.

I then moved from this place to taking a positive action.

I was invited to coffee by a new friend after yoga class.

My first thought was “What does she want from me?”

I caught myself saying these words to myself in my head and re-opened up my heart, pulled my shoulders back and took a breath.

The words that came out of my mouth were, “ Sure, let me just check in with work and I’ll meet you there, maybe.”

She was so polite and sweet and said, “Great!”

I walked out of the yoga studio and questioned myself. Why would I say ‘no’?

My guides urged me to go to this coffee shop and meet these new friends.

So, I went.

And I enjoyed my time with these new friends!

I almost missed out on this experience due to my negative mind jumping to conclusions.

My negative mind was completely wrong and playing it safe.

This process was becoming fun and I decided that my mind and emotions were strong, so it must be time to physically release any remaining fear.

#3 – Cleanse

Physically, the kidneys are the space that holds fear, anger, bitterness, resentment.

They are body parts that are designed to remove impurities and negativity from the body.

I decided that mine needed some extra help in removing that fear.

Our biology becomes our biography writes Carolyn Myss, Anodea Judith and many others that have studied the physical impact that both positivity and negativity hold on us.

These negative thoughts, beliefs, patterns are in our tissues, muscles and the memory is held. This is why it’s important to cleanse, clear, release.

This week, I’ve conducted a kidney cleanse using herbs, supplements and a plant-based diet to help.

Giving the body a pause and being intentional about releasing the fear and toxins from my body has been something that I enjoy.

I drink a morning tea, before I take a sip, I infuse it with love and trust and allow it to do its job to release fear from my body.

I’m now on the other side of this cleanse. I feel great, and fear does still come up for me.

I am aware of it and decide to release it and replace it with love. This will be an ongoing practice as negativity is all around us, all the time.  

Negativity Cleanse

#1 – Awareness – this happens on the mental level, maybe emotional level, too.

#2 – Replace Negativity with Love – creating a new pathway in the mind, and shifting the emotions – “Thanks negative thoughts, I now replace you with love.”

#3 – Physical release – release internally, and even physically. A cleanse, a sweat, physical release- let go of what is in the tissues.