Hello Elite Being!

Be like a leaf and it fall! 🍂

Time to let it go of things that are not for you!

It’s fall which means the leaves drop from the trees.

Let’s use this example to prune away those items that needed release.

We then make space for more important, aligned things…

It’s not easy to be a human right now.

Every day is a new challenge, a new direction and new information to impact our life experiences.

What I know to be true is that it’s an elevated time, should you choose to move forward with the work required.

The ‘work’ is an inside job.

You, too can live through these changes with grace, ease and fun.

Further, you can attract the life you want, the people you desire and the money to make it all happen!

That’s what I’ve been doing recently.

If you decide to continue with me on this journey, I will be sharing and divulging the knowledge to become elite.

Elite is to be elevated, super conscious, super aware and living in a different way than most.

Not in a competitive way, rather, in a way that challenges your own limitations and inspires you to be the fullest, most authentic version of yourself.

✨ Soul

Where are you holding back and clinging to outdated things?

Its fall which means the leaves are falling from the trees.

This is the inspiration.

It’s a new cycle and a big time for release.

The pruning of the old – releasing outdated connections, relationships, beliefs and habits.

I notice there are parts of me that want to hang on to these old, familiar things.

Out of fear or comfort, whatever it is, I know that these things are holding me back to living as my greatest self.

Recently, some friends’ bad behaviors have become more present.

The flakiness has taken on a new tone.

Instead of being annoyed, frustrated and sad, I am now accepting.

With this acceptance comes choice.

Do I allow this behavior?

Do I say something?

Do I call them out?

Do I allow this little bit of poison?


Do I decide to pull my energy back?

Do I close this contract to make space for better aligned friendships?

Do I say no more to this bad behavior?

I chose the latter.

I called my energy back to me – in every relationship, there is an exchange.

We decide to partake in, consciously or unconsciously.

When we are conscious of our energy and how we show up for ourselves and our relationships, we can see where the energy is used.

Is it an exchange?

Perhaps it’s one sided, as I discovered with a few friends, recently.

And guess what?

It’s totally okay to take your energy back.

If you are giving more than you are receiving, take your energy back.

If you feel exhausted, tired, and sucked dry…

…Peel back.

Release this poisonous energy.

It may be difficult at first, but you will be so happy that you did.


When you release and make space, you allow new and healthy things to enter.

Something To Try

Ask yourself:

What have I been hanging onto, despite the bad results that come from it? could be food, person, routine, etc.

What kind of people, opportunities, experiences do I want in my life?

Does the above align with my values?

One you identify the above, you can begin to align to it. Awareness is the first step.

I’d love to hear from you.

Are these insights helpful?

Which tools have you used?

What would you like to share with others?

Please comment, share and reply back to me with any and all things that happen for you.

It’s quite a journey, and I’m right there beside you!

Best wishes & many blessings,