It’s not easy to be a human right now.

Every day is a new challenge, a new direction and new information to impact our life experiences.

What I know to be true is that it’s an elevated time, should you choose to move forward with the work required.

The ‘work’ is an inside job.

You, too can live through these changes with grace, ease and fun.

If you decide to continue with me on this journey, I will be sharing and divulging the knowledge to become elite.

Elite is to be elevated, super conscious, super aware and living in a different way than most.

Happy Winter Solstice; Where Darkenss Turns to Light

Celebrating the Winter Solstice- the point in time where the dark days of winter are slowly given more daylight.

Sharing some thoughts on the darkness and shadows.

Darkness is truly the most potent teacher. 

Sharing the challenges, the darkness and sadness is important.

Acknowledging this part of self is critical.

This is a part of the healing – the growing and the change.

Growth begins with a breakdown.

I just had a phone call with a friend where we tuned into our respective inner children.

This brought sadness and tears to our eyes because our inner children didn’t receive what they needed from our parental figures.

When you acknowledge the sadness and pain, it can transform.

When these wounds are left unhealed, and ignored, we continue to carry them with us.

These wounds affect all parts of life and the experiences we attract.

Life will be less fun, more sad and more traumatic in the long run.

The darkness becomes the mechanism for change.

Stop the distractions.

Peel back the layers, spend the time, go inside and make friends with this darkness. 

What is it sharing with you?

Perhaps it’s requiring you to find some help.

Friends, professionals, nature?

Perhaps it’s asking you to cry, to journal, to get a massage, to be alone and be okay with it. 

Normalize challenges, difficulty and sadness.

As they say, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Something To Try

This time of year, you may be spending more time with family.

This may bring up feelings of hurt, pain, sadness and other challenges based on your childhood.

This is a great time to reconnect with those dark parts of you that are begging to be healed.

One way to connect with your inner darkness is to connect with those memories of the past that may be hurtful – ask yourself what age you are at when you conjure these memories.

Allow yourself to feel those feelings. Then, remind yourself that you are safe, protected and whole and will take care of this inner child.

Ask Your Inner Child:

“What would you like to do today that would bring you joy?” Then do it! Whatever it may be- dancing, painting, drawing, cooking, etc.

”What would you like to eat today that would bring you joy?” Make a meal or buy a treat for your inner child. Notice this joy this brings!

Journal about these experiences to anchor them in to the present moment.

I’d love to hear from you.

Are these insights helpful?

Which tools have you used?

What would you like to share with others?

Please comment, share and reply back to me with any and all things that happen for you.

It’s quite a journey, and I’m right there beside you!

Best wishes & many blessings,