It’s not easy to be a human right now.

Every day is a new challenge, a new direction and new information to impact our life experiences.

What I know to be true is that it’s an elevated time, should you choose to move forward with the work required.

The ‘work’ is an inside job.

You, too can live through these changes with grace, ease and fun.

Further, you can attract the life you want, the people you desire and the money to make it all happen!

That’s what I’ve been doing recently.

If you decide to continue with me on this journey, I will be sharing and divulging the knowledge to become elite.

Elite is to be elevated, super conscious, super aware and living in a different way than most.

Not in a competitive way, rather, in a way that challenges your own limitations and inspires you to be the fullest, most authentic version of yourself.


I did a five day waterfast, recently.  

This wasn’t my first time, rather the timing was ripe for it. 

I was feeling the need for a physical and emotional cleanse. 

The byproduct of this has been a spiritual upgrade as well. 

My intentions going into this fast:

Physically- give my organs a break. I’ve been indulging in my sugar addiction lately- for me this means chocolate, cookies and cake. My favorites!

I had gained weight and felt heavy.

Giving my organs a break was another intention.

The colon, the liver, and all of those amazing organs work so hard processing and digesting many times per day. It gets the opportunity to fast overnight, but that’s not enough. 

Just like for other parts of myself- balance is required- so much digestive activity warrants rest, stillness and healing. 

I have a quad injury.

I pulled my muscle after a week of little sleep and many challenging workouts. Fasting speeds up the recovery process via autophagy- all bad cells are ‘eaten’ up by the body.

I have seen my injuries- wounds and strains fully heal during a fast as digestion is not interrupting the healing process. 

Spiritually- let go and surrender.

I’ve been battling my need for control and have found it difficult to release at times.

When I let go the need to control what I put inside of my body, I can better let go of the outside circumstances. I find it easier to surrender. 

Emotionally-  did you know that water holds memory?

It holds emotions and trauma and this stays with us through the water in our bodies.

For me, using water to heal my past triggers and traumas has been super effective. 

Mentally- this is a challenge for the logical mind. No food for 3 days?

Yes! I can do this!

And all parts of me thank me for these amazing results. 

Check out this vlog and watch as each day things become lighter, clearer and more illuminated for me plus a surprising guest in my body…

Give it a try!

Let me know how it goes…

All the best,