Hello friend!

Welcome to my new newsletter, Elite Being, the twice monthly playbook that guides you to the most elite version of yourself.

After lots of changes in the last month and years, I’ve come to realize how important it is to share this wisdom.

Things have changed.

I have changed.

I’ve discovered that I love change.

I’ve mastered change and have helped to guide many through their own changes.

I am now ready to share the tools, the tips and the experts that I surround myself with that allow me to be the most elite version.

Also, happy new moon in LEO!

New moons are a great time to begin something new or launch a newsletter 😃 .

Think of it as a blank slate where you get to determine what you’d like to create in your life.

Write these things down and take a step toward what it is that you want.

Then, step back and notice how they begin to align for you over time.

The universe responds when we show and take action toward what it is that we want.

It’s not easy to be a human right now.

Every day is a new challenge, a new direction and new information to impact our life experiences.

What I know to be true is that it’s an elevated time, should you choose to move forward with the work required.

The ‘work’ is an inside job.

You, too can live through these changes with grace, ease and fun.

Further, you can attract the life you want, the people you desire and the money to make it all happen!

That’s what I’ve been doing recently.

If you decide to continue with me on this journey, I will be sharing and divulging the knowledge to become elite.

Elite is to be elevated, super conscious, super aware and living in a different way than most.

Not in a competitive way, rather, in a way that challenges your own limitations and inspires you to be the fullest, most authentic version of yourself.

Mind, Body, Heart and Soul

Each newsletter will cover one of the following areas of being elite: mind, body, heart and soul.

The intention is to provide tools, resources and conversations on becoming the most elite version of yourself.

The mind, body, heart and soul steer all of our decisions – in relationships, with our families, and in our career and business lives.

It’s all connected.

And it all begins with you.

I’m here to guide and support you to live a more authentic and elite lifestyle.

Please comment, share and reply back to me with any and all things that happen for you.

It’s quite a journey, and I’m right there beside you!

🧠 Mind

In this edition, we will focus on the mind.

The super computer that guides us, from both the conscious and subconscious space.

Lately, I’ve recommitted to my meditation practice. I had become quite lazy- meditating from bed and only for a few minutes at a time.

Meditation has been the most game changing element in my elevation.

I think of it as the insurance policy for my emotional state.

When I’m consistent in my meditation practice, I am able to manage my day to day stress, and I have amazing clarity.

It sharpens my intuitive intelligence so that I can feel things coming my way prior to them exploding in my face.

I listen to each tap before they become a slap from the universe.

I am able to take action effortlessly and smoothly.

In short, meditation fuels all parts of me and ensures my life is on track.

Other benefits of meditation

-Anxiety decreases.

-Over time, people become calmer with a daily practice.

-People have a greater capacity for empathy as this part of the brain expands.

Something To Try

To get myself reinvigorated and excited about meditation again, I’ve tried a new method – The Silva Method.

The premise is to use more of our brain and to do so in a relaxed manner to solve problems, manifest what it is that we want in life (money, relationships, work, etc).

After listening to an audiobook on this methodology and trying a few of the practices, I noticed how it paralleled my training in shamanism so I took to this very quickly.

The visualization plus being in a relaxed mind state has allowed me to feel like the things that I’ve been manifesting are present, in this moment.

I am making space for them in a new way.

We know that if we tell the brain to visualize an experience, the brain will perceive this as occurring in waking life as well.

There are many ways to meditate- some use sports, music, or time in nature as their meditative practices. The point is to go within, spend time there and allow for downtime.

This time away from the action and doing mode is restorative and healing.

Ask yourself:

What are my favorite types of meditation?

What does this meditation provide for me?

How can I recommit to my practice?

I’d love to hear from you.

Are these insights helpful?

Which tools have you used?

What would you like to share with others?

Please comment, share and reply back to me with any and all things that happen for you.

It’s quite a journey, and I’m right there beside you!

Best wishes & many blessings,