My Gift To you…

Maintaining balance in a chaotic world is necessary and pivotal.

Family obligations, partners, children and your work.

Keeping sane is challenging.

There is one tool that many leaders swear by – meditation. A time to go within, reflect and connect with your inner self.

Here are some meditations that I use to come back to center and ensure I’m performing at my best, daily.

I challenge you to try these for 40 days. Notice the changes. 


Magical Morning & Afternoon Delight

You’re struggling with balancing your day. Work, kids, partners, and obligations fight for your time. How to fit it all in? In just 8 minutes per day, you can shift the trajectory of your day and your life. This is the real magic!

Magical Morning

8 Minute Meditation

Start your day with my 8-minute meditation to set your intention for the day. Having a clear goal in mind produces the best results. It directs your energy and focus toward the tasks, activities, and items that are of best interest. Directing your energy in this way allows for a mindful lifestyle.

Afternoon Delight

3 O’Clock Treat

Breath of Fire, also called Ego eradicator is the perfect antidote to that 3rd cup of coffee or sugary treat that we reach for in the afternoon.  Stoke your internal flame to keep you running on high throughout the rest of your day.