Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m excited about supporting  change for families in Los Angeles.

Clients like to work with me as I provide guidance and support while giving space for the families to decide what is best for them.

Using Evidence-based research


Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support is what bring to my families as bringing home a baby has an effect on all of these levels.


I look forward to connecting with you to see if we are a good fit!

Postpartum Doula

  • Postpartum Healing: physical, mental, and emotional support while adjusting to parenthood. Provide a space to process birth experience and the emotions surrounding it.
  • Infant Care: Demonstrations of newborn care (diapering, bathing, and swaddling etc.). Baby soothing and calming, techniques. Knowledge of product use and safety. Establish healthy sleep habits for your baby's long term well-being.
  • Lactation & Feeding Support: Assist and troubleshoot with breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. Instruction of proper fit of breast pumps, preparation and sterilization of nursing equipment, and storage of milk etc. Troubleshoot breastfeeding issues and provide remedies. Demonstrate paced bottle-feeding techniques.
  • Organizing, cleaning and support families in transition - new babies, moving family members in and out of home.
  • Food Prep - healthy meals and snacks to promote health and recovery for mom and baby.

Infant & Child Care

  • Established positive relationships with children by designing creative activities.
  • Maintained child’s health and well-being by providing meals, assisting with hygiene and administering medicine, optimizing healthy eating and sleeping schedule.
  • Create age appropriate activities.

Postpartum Yoga

New moms have experienced a deep physical transformation- one that requires moving the body in a new way.

Having studied the mechanics of a postpartum body, Lisa provides instruction on deep breathing to strengthen the core, back, and pelvis while remaining sensitive to any challenges that may arise.

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    What Parents Say


    “Partnering with Lisa for postpartum doula support was one of the best decisions we made.  As first time parents, there was a steep learning curve for us to get over and her support and knowledge was exactly what we needed. Before our son was born, she did a walk through of our nursery/home and provided recommendations on items to have on hand for when our little one arrived.  Once our son was born, our situation was made more challenging with a difficult labor and delivery and an extended NICU stay.”

    Stacy & Justin Smet

    “Lisa was always prompt and brought a positive, calming attitude and demeanor into our home every night… She went above and beyond by bringing my wife several different homemade teas meant to help stimulate milk production… Having Lisa’s support not only helped us understand the ins and outs of early parenthood but also allowed us to get the much-needed rest during the night so we were fresh each day and could devote our best selves to our daughter during the day.”

    Zach & Kristen

    Lisa came in to work with our family when I was about 7 weeks postpartum with about a two weeks notice. From the get go, Lisa was incredibly professional. Asked all the right questions to better understand our existing schedule and our family’s needs.

    Lisa was always on time, always pleasant, and always professional. As a new mom, there were days where my stress levels were high and she consistently offered a calm place and a smile that instantly made me feel better. Her doula care for a new mom went above and beyond, she made the best post partum treats for healing and breastfeeding. Goodies like hibiscus tea and the most delicious chia seed pudding. Nightly she brought me my pump before my little guy work for his middle of the night feed. I firmly believe my ability to breastfeed for so long was partly because of her support during the middle of the night.

    I’m so glad my family was able to work with Lisa. She helped make the 4th trimester much more manageable and I’d recommend a thousand times over.

    Caitlin Satterthwaite

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    My Qualifications

    Postpartum Doula, DONA-Intl Approved Workshop

    ICF Certified Life Coach

    Lactation and Infant Feeding: Body Feeding for Doulas

    Adult, Child & Infant CPR and First Aid

    Peri Natal Yoga Teacher Certified - RYT- 200

    TDAP Vaccinated