If you’re tired of the superficial, filtered and the fake, then Authentic Living is for you!

Living authentically means being and honoring all parts of you.

Going on the journey of life with honesty, vulnerability and compassion for yourself and for others.

Authentic Living is a partnership between Edie Okamoto and Lisa Taylor.

Our mission is to live a life that is authentic;​ true to who we are and that uses our skills in honor of our soul.

We want to highlight those around us that live in their truth and to show that this is possible. 

By sharing these stories in this online series, it is our intention to give permission to find their way to live authentically.


We find that living this way provides freedom, ​fulfillment and the best version of yourself which impacts you and those around you.

Lets Work Together

If you are passionate about living holistically – we want to work with you!

Collaboration ideas, product partnerships or maybe another idea? Please email us and share how you would like to work together.

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